2014 Dec.26 (slightly augmented 2015 May 3 and Aug.20). Adapted 2016 Apr.1 .
. From 14 to 16 years old I felt kind of admiration for a girl in my RHBS school-class called Trudi Timmermans . I think she also felt kind of admiration for me . It was the very first but also the only long-term kind-of-love-affair in my life . I would like to hear how she has done in life , presumably married . She is born somewhere between May and August 1938 , and in 1953 lived at Bakkersweg 3 Soestdijk . About 1955 moved to South Africa , and maybe later to another country .
. By curious chance (or deliberate ?) she came from May 1951 during the geometry-lessons sitting in the bench just in front of me . She appeared to be more than a year younger than I was . I was impressed , though I found it a pity that she was not jewish . During more than a year she was many days in my thoughts .
. But then in class 4 we came in different classes . I could not decide how to get into contact . By taking up contact I would confess that I felt some kind of love to her . I was afraid to commit myself . Also by taking up contact in the wrong way she would denounce me , I feared . I was not sure whether I was really worthy for her . I was spastic and kept hesitating for half a year ... Then I talked about it with my mother and she suggested I should visit her . I asked her and she said yes and I went to their house in Soestdijk at Bakkersweg 3 , and we talked for more than an hour , and our affair ended with that .
. Two years later I heard that the family had emigrated to South Africa .

. Note . RHBS Amersfoort 1945-1960 has a reunie-site .

If you happen to know something about Trudi I would be interested to hear , contact me .


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